Engine 745

Purchased: 2015

Info: Engine 745 is a six-man custom chassis engine that is equipped with a 1250 gallon per minute pump and tank capacity of 500 gallons. This truck is equipped as a rescue engine, pumper, and is equipped with foam.

Engine 744

Purchased: 1994

Info: Engine 744 is a five-man cab that consists of 1500 gallon per minute pump with a tank capacity of 1500 gallons. This truck is also equipped with foam.

Equipment Truck 743

Purchased: 2001

Info: Rescue Unit 743 holds 5 passengers and is used for Rescue and First Response EMS. This truck also holds three emergency 911 seats that allows firemen to don three SCBA units. In addition 743 is used as the command center at emergency scenes and stores various types of equipment like extra SCBA air bottles, generators, cribbing, and miscellaneous tools.

Tanker/Pumper 742

Purchased: 2006

Info: Tanker/Pumper 742 is three-man cabin vehicle that has the ability to pump 1250 gallons per minute and has 2000 gallon tank capacity.

Grass Truck 741

Purchased: 2007

Info: Brush Truck 741 is a four-wheel-drive unit that can carry 6 passengers proper. This truck has a tank capacity of 200 gallons and a 350 gallon per minute pump. It’s utilized to fight brush and grass fires, rapid response for the County Airports, a back-up EMS Vehicle, and traffic control.